How to Register

Register as model or become a member by signing up here

Note: Members are verified upon registering while the models need to be verified by the admin.

Activation of account

After clicking register, you will receive an email with the confirmation link to activate your account.

After clicking the link, you will be redirected to a page where you will see an activation key. Simply click “activate” to the login page where you can enter your username and password.

How to Navigate the User Dashboard


Hummingbird gives you the ability to edit your profile and cover photo to best present yourself to the community. 

To change your profile and cover picture, simply go to your profile by clicking on “My Profile” on the profile dropdown located in the top right.


For Members

Show your latest purchases, track your orders, view/download photos you have bought from Models.

Exclusive Albums

For Models

View your products/albums


Manage your subscription price, view sales, and view subscribers.


Upload photos/videos you would like to share to the community.


View your Tips History.

For Models

How to upload an Exclusive Album

Go to Exclusive Albums on your Profile and click Create Album.

Enter you Product Name, Product Short Description, Album Price (NOTE: Your album’s currency are coins not $. You can convert these coins to $ in the Withdrawal Page.) Upload product image and downloadable files. The downloadable files are hidden until members pay to view your album.

Congratulations! Your product is now live and available for purchase!

Keep track of your sales by going to My Dashboard located above the main menu, withdraw earnings by going to the Withdraw Page.

Make sure your stripe account is connected before making a withdrawal. Go to Payment Settings tab.

For Members

How to Navigate Member Dashboard

Click on Purchased Albums to view the albums that you have purchased. Click on Coins to view your coins activity/history.

What are Coins?

Coins is the currency used to purchase a Model’s private gallery, you can purchase it on the “Buy Coins” page on the main navigation.

How to purchase from a Model

On the main navigation, you will see Models. You can view the Models profile after you have subscribed to them.

After subscribing you will see a number of tabs showing different content from the model. Click on “Exclusive Albums”. 

There you will find private photo albums from the selected model.

Simply purchase, to gain access to her Exclusive Album.

You can view your purchased albums on your profile.

  • Click View
  • Then Click the Downloads tab.

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